Approximately 800 thousand children were displaced in Gaza

Approximately 800 thousand children were displaced in Gaza

UNICEF spokesperson James Elder made assessments on the health situation in Gaza at the weekly press conference of the UN Office in Geneva. Elder stated that as long as the restriction of access to clean water and sanitation continues in Gaza, there will be a tragic increase in the number of children dying.

Elder also noted that the rainy season has begun in Gaza and stated that children are at serious risk of a massive epidemic.

Elder said: “More than 5,350 Palestinian children have been reported to have been killed in Gaza so far. This is deplorable. Pain settles in Gaza. Approximately 800,000 children were displaced in Gaza. “This significantly increases the potential for further loss of life for children.” saying.


The spokesperson for the World Health Organization (WHO), Christian Lindmeier, stated that every 10 minutes a child dies in Gaza and that two children and their relatives are seriously injured, and that the situation at the Shifa hospital, which was subject to intense attacks by Israel and unable to serve, was in Gaza, which, he said, revealed the suffering suffered in .

Lindmeier stated that they planned to evacuate 200 patients and 50 health workers at the Şifa hospital and emphasized that only less than half of Gaza’s hospitals and clinics could provide service and that they were working at low capacity.


Emphasizing that the health system in Gaza is trying to cope with thousands of injured, critical patients and growing epidemics, Lindmeier said: “(Health centers in Gaza) provide care with almost no water, fuel, food, electricity or supplies doctors.” said.

Lindmeier said: “Since October 7, there have been 72,000 upper respiratory tract infections, approximately 49,000 diarrhea, 1,021 chickenpox and 17,274 skin infections in Gaza. More than two thousand cancer patients, more than a thousand patients who need dialysis to survive, 50 thousand patients with cardiovascular diseases and more than 60 thousand diabetic patients are at risk. “There are an estimated 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza, and many of them will give birth without experienced attendants.” he said.

Stating that they called for an urgent humanitarian ceasefire for Gaza, Lindmeier reiterated their demands for unimpeded access to humanitarian aid and relief teams.

The chief economist of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), Arif Husain, who attended the online meeting, also stated that the entire population of Gaza (2.2 million) needs food support. Husain said 1.6 million people in Gaza were displaced. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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