Journalists died in Israel’s attack on Lebanon

Journalists died in Israel’s attack on Lebanon

Three people, including two journalists, were reportedly killed in the Israeli airstrike in southern Lebanon.

According to the official Lebanese agency NNA, the Israeli army carried out an airstrike on the place where the journalists were near the city of Teyr Harfa. Al Mayadeen TV reporter Farah Ömer, cameraman Rabih el Mamari and a civilian were claimed to have lost their lives in the attack.

Al Mayadeen TV Board Chairman Gassan Bin Ceddu posted a statement on his website after the attack. Ceddu stated that they were deeply saddened by the murder of their colleagues Ömer and Mamari and said: “Al Mayadeen’s team was definitely deliberately and directly attacked.”

Ceddu emphasized that they will not remain silent despite Israel’s deadly attacks and will continue to report on developments in the region as before.

A total of 20 civilians, including 3 journalists and 3 children, have lost their lives in Israel’s continued attacks on Lebanon since October 8. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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