Boom crisis in the Spanish royal family

Boom crisis in the Spanish royal family

The rivalry between two young members of the royal family is the order of the day in Spain…

The photograph of Leonor, heir to the throne in Spain and eldest daughter of King Felipe VI, with her 16-year-old sister Sofía, became a hot topic in the European media.

In the photo, sister and sister are together, while Leonor is wearing high heels and Sofía prefers flat-soled ballet flats.

Bild, one of Germany’s most widely read newspapers, said: “The little brother has grown up. “Spanish princess cheats to grow up,” he used the title.

It seems that Leonor is 1.70 meters tall and Sofía is 5 centimeters taller than her older sister. The Bild news pointed out that Leonor usually prefers high heels.

The brothers’ mother, Queen Letizia, is also 1.70 meters tall.

Source: Sozcu


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