Far-right Wilders, who criticizes Erdogan, is on his way to power: surprising poll results

Far-right Wilders, who criticizes Erdogan, is on his way to power: surprising poll results

Geert Wilders, leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), who built his career on an anti-Islam and anti-minority stance, went on the offensive ahead of elections this month…

A poll conducted ahead of the November 22 election found that Wilders’ party, PVV, was the leading party, neck and neck with the conservative People’s Freedom and Democracy Party (VVD), led by Dilan Yeşilgöz. According to the results of the survey conducted by polling company Maurice de Hond, both parties are expected to win 26 seats in the 150-seat parliament.

Wilders, who appears close to victory based on the results of polls taken before Wednesday’s election, is expected to form an alliance with the VVD and New Social Contract parties. Wilders said: “No one can underestimate PVV voters anymore. “We have carried out a good electoral campaign and we are in a good position,” he said.

Wilders used very harsh statements after the elections. Wilders posted the photo of the Erdoğan couple and said: “This is Islamic rule. Erdogan won the election with the support of Islamists (Arabs) and voters outside Türkiye. Anti-freedom and dictatorship are in action again. Many Turks feel betrayed and insecure. We must support their quest for freedom and secularism!” He shared his note with his followers.

Wilders, who has recently softened his “anti-Islam” stance to form an alliance with the PVV, criticized both President Erdoğan and his supporters following the elections in Turkey this year. Wilders told those who voted for Erdoğan and live in the Netherlands: “I hope that all Turks who voted for the Islamofascist Erdoğan in the Netherlands will now pack their bags and move to Turkey. Goodbye!” he said.

Wilders, who increased his posts about Turkey during the election period, wrote in Dutch on his personal account. My heart bleeds for them. “I would like to meet them in Turkey, support them and address them, but unfortunately the danger for them and for me is too great,” he said.


Wilders, who occasionally makes anti-Turkey statements, increased his speed after the elections in May…

Last month, Wilders said: “Last week I suggested that Turks who voted for the Islamist Erdogan in the Netherlands be sent to Turkey. So that THEY experience the disastrous consequences of their votes. There was a lot of support from the Turks in Türkiye. “The message below alone has been viewed almost 5 million times,” he wrote.

Along with this message, Wilders shared Turkish news about his own statements and said: “I despise dictator Erdogan and his Islamist voters in Turkey, the Netherlands and everywhere in the world. They brutally murdered the secular Türkiye of Kemalism. However, I support all Turks who hate Islam and just want a normal and free life in a secular Turkey.” he said.

Source: Sozcu


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