The radical right-wing Javier Milei was elected at the polls in Argentina, which is fighting the economic crisis.

The radical right-wing Javier Milei was elected at the polls in Argentina, which is fighting the economic crisis.

The far-right Javier Milei proclaimed his victory in the presidential elections held in Argentina, which is fighting a deep economic crisis and due to high inflation.

In Argentina, which was going through an economic crisis and was being compared to Turkey by economic experts, Milei announced that his country would make “extreme” changes to its economic policies.

The leftist candidate Sergio Massa, who became Minister of Economy, obtained 44.2 percent of the votes in the elections, while Milei obtained 55.8 percent.

Milei’s victory had a great impact.

Addressing voters in Buenos Aires after the election, Milei said: “Today is the end of Argentina’s decline. “It is the end of the ubiquitous State model that impoverishes Argentines today,” she stated. Saying he would make reforms very quickly, Milei’s campaign focused on his promise to use a “chainsaw” on the state by reducing spending by up to 15 percent of gross domestic product and dollarizing the economy to reduce inflation. Annual price increases in Argentina reached 142.7 percent in October.

After Milei’s victory, the British newspaper Financial Times reported that many voters took a victory lap. Speaking to the newspaper, Leonardo Estarone, 57, said: “I have been waiting for this moment all my life. No more Peronists, no more thieves, no more lies. “My children will live in a free country,” he said.

After the election results were announced, people took to the streets.

Milei, who described himself as an “anarchist-capitalist,” made notable promises, including the sale of human organs and the abolition of all gun laws. While Milei described Argentine Pope Francis as a “dirty leftist,” he also interpreted climate change as “socialist lies.”

One of the people who congratulated Milei was former US President Donald Trump. Trump, who is one of the names he compares Milei to, said: “I’m proud of you. “You will fix your country and make Argentina truly great,” he said.


Milei’s electoral promises included the closure of the Central Bank of Argentina.

Milei, who described the Central Bank of Argentina as “the largest garbage dump in the world,” said in his statement to Bloomberg 3 months ago, “Central Banks are divided into four categories. “One is the bad ones like the Fed (US Federal Reserve), the other is the very bad ones like those in Latin America, the terribly bad ones and the Central Bank of Argentina,” she said.

Argentines chanted slogans in support of Milei in the streets.

Although Milei suggested using the US dollar instead of the Argentine peso during the electoral process and stated that he wanted to increase the use of the dollar in the country, experts said that this project would not come to fruition in the short term.

Experts who spoke to the British Financial Times said: “This plan cannot be carried out in the short term because there are almost no dollars in the Central Bank of Argentina and there is no access to international credit.”

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