Cold shower for Zelenskiy: light years away

Cold shower for Ukraine: Very harsh statements from Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban made very clear statements at the congress of the Fidesz party, of which he is president.

Orban stated that they will have serious political fights in the coming months and said: “Serious political fights await us in the coming months, until the European elections. It will also be our duty to correct the false promise made to Ukraine to start negotiations, since Ukraine is now light years away from the European Union. Like the trend of the aging body, the European Union is weakening. A part of the body starts to hurt, this pain does not go away, you get used to it. The next one comes and goes, you get used to it. You get used to it again and again and, little by little, your mobility becomes limited and your vitality decreases. This is the current situation in Brussels. As the world renews, refreshes and gains momentum, the Brussels European model has become obsolete. “If we cannot harness new winds in our sails, our European ship will inevitably slow down,” he said.

Orban used very harsh statements about Ukraine’s membership.


Orban said: “We had a difficult period of government. The floods were difficult. The period of the immigrant invasion was difficult, very difficult, and I would not want anyone to go through the COVID months. But none have been as difficult as the last two years: the war between Russia and Ukraine, sanctions, the energy crisis and rampant inflation. My friends, you know that difficult situations can be overcome by setting clear goals. The more difficult the situation, the clearer and more specific the objectives should be. “That’s why we set clear and specific goals,” he said.


Orban stated that Hungary resisted many things and said: “What everyone can see at first glance is that Hungary defends itself and resists with all its strength. Because we resist the brainwashing of Brussels bureaucrats, we resist the invasion of immigrants, we resist gender propaganda, we resist the mirages of war, we resist Ukraine’s improvised membership in the EU, we resist the green ideologies that increasingly show communist and even Jacobin connotations. “We are defending ourselves against foreign attempts to undermine our sovereignty, as well as the attack of the Soros empire from Brussels and Washington,” he said.

Source: Sozcu


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