Violent clashes between Israel and Hezbollah continue

Violent clashes between Israel and Hezbollah continue

The Hezbollah Movement in Lebanon announced that it attacked two Israeli military points on the border.

Hezbollah released a written statement regarding its attacks on military targets belonging to the Israeli army from southern Lebanon. The statement noted that attacks with guided missiles and “appropriate weapons” were carried out against the Israeli military points of Bustan and Er-Rahib on the border.

The Israeli army announced that it had attacked Hezbollah “targets” with artillery fire in response to rocket attacks launched from Lebanese territory.

The statement issued by the army states that sirens sounded in the region as a result of approximately 25 rockets fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel. The statement states that no one was injured in the attack and that Israeli artillery targeted the location where the rockets were fired.

Since October 8, clashes have occurred between the Israeli army and Hezbollah on the border. In these clashes, 76 Hezbollah members and 6 Israeli soldiers died. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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