Surprising poll in Israel: he can replace Netanyahu

Surprising poll in Israel: he can replace Netanyahu

According to a poll in Israel, the public sees former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s successor under the leadership of the Likud Party, leader of the coalition that forms the government.

The Maariv newspaper, published in Israel, published the results of the Lazar Research Institute’s survey of 500 Israeli Jews and Arabs. According to the survey, 21 percent of participants prefer former Mossad chief Cohen over Netanyahu as leader of the Likud Party, leader of the ruling coalition.

13 percent of respondents see former Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar, 12 percent see Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and 11 percent see Economy Minister Nir Barkat as worthy of Likud leadership. Furthermore, 23 percent of those who participated in the survey did not prefer any of the names mentioned, while 20 percent expressed no opinion.

According to the results of the survey carried out among Likud voters, Cohen and Barkat were considered suitable for the party leadership with 26 percent, Gallant with 17 percent and Sa’ar with 5 percent. While 15 percent of respondents did not prefer any of the names mentioned, 11 percent abstained.

Thus, for the first time in Israel, a survey was carried out on Netanyahu’s possible successors in the leadership of the Likud.


According to another poll published by the same newspaper, only 29 percent of Israelis believe that Netanyahu is suitable to lead the government.

By contrast, 50 percent consider Benny Gantz, former Israeli Defense Minister and member of the country’s “emergency government,” called the country’s “war cabinet,” suitable for the task.

21 percent did not express an opinion on the issue.

Poll results reveal that support for Likud among the Israeli public has declined, while support for the opposition National Unity Bloc led by Gantz has increased.

According to the survey in question, if elections were held in Israel today, the National Unity Bloc would obtain 42 seats, while the Likud, which currently has 120 seats in the Israeli Parliament, would obtain 17 seats. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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