New development in the accusation of ‘Turkish bribery’ in the US… The FBI raids the home of the former THY executive

New development in the accusation of ‘Turkish bribery’ in the US… The FBI raids the home of the former THY executive

In the United States, New York Mayor Eric Adams’ ties to Turkey and bribery accusations remain on the agenda…

It was revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was investigating whether Mayor Adams, known for his close relations with Turkey, received illegal donations from Turkey during his election campaign. The New York Times reported that Adams searched the home of Brianna Suggs, a donations manager for his election campaign, and that Suggs was questioned within the scope of the public corruption investigation.

Cenk Öcal became CEO of THY in New York in 2015.

Mayor Adams, whose personal phones and tablets were also seized, is reportedly being investigated whether he cooperated with a Brooklyn construction company and the Turkish government during the 2021 election campaign. The indictment alleges that Adams’ campaign may have provided benefits to the construction company and Turkish officials in exchange for money.

Although Adams, who visited Turkey on numerous occasions, denied the accusations against him, the American press published new developments related to the investigation.


According to the latest news from the New York Times, the FBI carried out new raids as part of the investigation into Adams’ election campaign. It was reported that among those whose home was raided was Adams’ deputy in the international relations office, Rana Abbasova, as well as former Turkish Airlines director Cenk Öcal.

Turkish Airlines New York CEO Cenk Öcal was fired last year. According to the American press, Öcal was also a member of Adams’ transition team.

According to the New York Times, which notes that both names are associated with Turkey, the FBI and federal prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating whether the Turkish government colluded with the Adams campaign to transfer foreign donations to the campaign.

New York Mayor Adams attended the Turkish Republic centennial event in New York with Rana Abbasova in recent weeks. In his speech at the event, Adams said: “I am probably the only mayor in the history of this city who has not visited Turkey even once.”

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