Hamas response to ‘they are using hospitals’ claim

Hamas response to ‘they are using hospitals’ claim

The Hamas Movement claimed that US claims that Hamas is using hospitals and schools in Gaza as military areas are “a repetition of a blatantly false story” presented by the Israeli military.

In the statement issued by Hamas, it was condemned that the United States has adopted repeated Israeli claims that Hamas uses Gaza hospitals.

In the statement, which rejects the accusations of use of hospitals, the following statements are made:

“The Pentagon’s claim that Hamas used Shifa Hospital for military purposes, and the US State Department’s subsequent claim that Hamas used hospitals and schools as military sites, is a repetition of a blatantly false story.”

“This false story emerged through the weak and ridiculous tricks of the occupation army spokesperson after the raid on Rantisi and Şifa hospitals and the threat to the safety of patients and medical staff,” the statement said, adding that the United Nations and international organizations were calling for an international committee to be formed to inspect hospitals and schools, and it was emphasized that the failure to heed the call demonstrates the responsibility of the US administration for the war crimes and genocides suffered by the people of the Gaza Strip and their association with the occupation.


US President Joe Biden defended Israel’s attack on the Shifa hospital in Gaza, which could not prove that it was a “headquarters” and was ridiculed on social media with the alleged evidence it presented, through the rhetoric of this country.

Yesterday, a journalist told Biden: “We must protect hospitals.” Recalling his statement, he asked whether Israel’s attack on Shifa hospital was “justified.” Biden then defended Israel’s action, which could not prove that the hospital was a “headquarters,” saying: “Hamas is committing a war crime by hiding its soldiers and headquarters under the hospital. This is real. “This is what happened,” he said.

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby, in his statement to the press on November 15, said that they had received information that Hamas was using the “tunnels under” some Gaza hospitals to ” hide, carry out their military operations and hold hostages. “he had suggested. (BRITISH AUTOMOBILE CLUB)

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