Internet and communications services were cut off in Gaza

Internet and communications services were cut off in Gaza

Paltel Group and Ooredoo Palestine, two of Palestine’s telecommunications companies, made separate written statements a day after fuel and power batteries ran out in the region.

The Paltel Group stated that it “regrets to announce the total interruption of communication services (landline, mobile and Internet) in the Gaza Strip following the blockade of the entry of fuel and the depletion of the reserve energy resources necessary to operate the main elements of the network”.

Ooredoo, on the other hand, stated that it regrettably announced to its subscribers that its services were cut off in some regions of the southern and northern Gaza Strip due to fuel depletion.

With Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip, which has been blocked for years and in poor conditions, the supply of water, food, medicine, electricity and fuel in the region has been cut off since October 7, while communication services in Landlines, mobile phones and Internet are frequently interrupted. .


Following these outages, the Palestinian Minister of Communications and Information Technologies, Ishak Sedr, in his statement on November 1, asked Egypt to activate communication stations and circulation near the Gaza Strip.

In its statement on November 12, Sedr stated that communication services would stop on Thursday, November 16 due to fuel shortages in the Gaza Strip, which is under Israeli blockade and attacks. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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