Prison sentence for the mother of the boy who injured his teacher

Prison sentence for the mother of the boy who injured his teacher

Eastern District of Virginia District Court Judge Mark Davis stated that drugs were found in the home of Deja Taylor, the mother of the boy who shot his teacher in January. Stating that “This case requires a prison sentence,” Davis stated that he sentenced Taylor to 21 months in prison for using drugs while she possessed a gun.

Davis said there is a direct link between teacher Abby Zwener’s injury and Taylor’s drug use while possessing a gun.

Noting that if Anne Taylor had obeyed the law, her son would not have been able to get hold of the gun, Davis emphasized that other students in Zwener’s class would have to deal with this trauma for the rest of their lives.

District attorneys announced that Taylor had previously used the gun in question to shoot the boy’s father. On the other hand, Taylor will be tried at the state level for child neglect in December. Professor Zwener, who was injured in the incident, filed a $40 million lawsuit against the school.

Deja Taylor’s 6-year-old son injured his teacher Abby Zwener in January by taking the gun she kept in his mother’s drawer. (AA)

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