Horrible death: young woman was struck by lightning on the beach

Horrible death: young woman was struck by lightning on the beach

A terrible incident occurred on La Boquilla beach in Cartagena, Colombia… Froilanis Maireth Rivas Román, who wanted to enjoy the view, the sea and the sand of the beach where she was going on vacation, died in a terrible way.

Within seconds, lightning struck the 34-year-old woman. In the images captured moment by moment by the security cameras, it is seen that the woman collapsed after being struck by lightning. At that moment, a police officer who was passing by the woman threw himself to the ground out of fear.

While the health of other tourists in the region was stated to be good, it was announced that Roman died at the scene.

Colombian authorities stated that these types of incidents occur very frequently and the death rate of people due to lightning strikes is 10 percent. According to official data, the probability of being struck by lightning is one in a million.

Scientists from the Technical University of Santander announced that the large number of mountains in the country causes lightning. The scientists said: “Colombia is one of the regions where lightning occurs the most in the world. “The risk is especially high in rural areas,” he said.

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