Death toll in Gaza exceeds 11,500

Death toll in Gaza exceeds 11,500

Information about Israel’s attacks on Gaza was provided in the statement by the Gaza government’s press office. The statement states that the number of people killed in the attacks launched by Israel against the Gaza Strip on October 7 reached 11,500, including 4,710 children and 3,160 women.

The statement highlighted that the number of health workers who died in the Gaza Strip as a result of the attacks reached 200, and that 51 journalists and 22 civil defense workers lost their lives in Gaza, where Israel continues its operations. attacks.

The statement indicated that 29,800 people were injured in Gaza in the attacks carried out by the Israeli army over 40 days, and more than 70 percent of those injured were women and children.


In the statement it was reported that the remains of the buildings destroyed in the Israeli attacks were found and it was highlighted that 3,640 people, including 1,770 children, are missing.

The statement states that 25 hospitals and 52 health centers were out of service and 55 ambulances were unusable due to the Israeli attacks.

Noting that places of worship were also attacked, the statement stated that 74 mosques were completely destroyed and 3 churches and 162 mosques were damaged in the attacks.

The statement states that Israel attacked 255 schools, 63 of them were out of service and 95 government facilities were destroyed. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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