Statement by US diplomats against Biden’s policy towards Israel

Statement by US diplomats against Biden’s policy towards Israel

In the United States, 100 diplomats from the State Department and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) accused President Joe Biden of “spreading false information” about Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

According to the American news site Axios, the statement signed by 100 diplomats working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and USAID states that Israel committed “war crimes” in Gaza. The statement emphasizes that Biden, in his October 10 statement, “shared false information about Hamas attacks on Israel.”

In the statement submitted to the Foreign Ministry’s policy department, it called on the United States to work to release prisoners held by Israel and Hamas, noting that thousands of Palestinians were being held in Israeli prisons without charge. The statement advised Biden to further question Israel’s actions.

Ministry spokesperson Matthew Miller, in his statement to the press about the statement in question, said: “The Minister met with many people at all levels in different offices and heard their views on policies relating to both the Israel conflict with Hamas as well as other issues.

Miller stated that Minister Antony Blinken encourages people with different views to express their opinions and said: “He will take the recommendations into consideration and eventually make what he believes is the best decision and offer his recommendations to the president on what we should do.” do”. (AA)

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