A government is formed in Spain in the shadow of the Catalonia question

A government is formed in Spain in the shadow of the Catalonia question

Following the early general elections held in Spain on July 23, the second coalition government in the country’s democratic history is expected to be formed upon receiving a vote of confidence from parliament on November 16, again under the leadership of the Socialist Party of the Workers (PSOE). ) leader Pedro Sánchez.

In Spain, governed by a parliamentary monarchy, Sánchez received a mandate from King Felipe VI to form a government on October 3 and received external support from six political parties operating in Euskadi, Catalonia, Galicia and the Canary Islands to establish a minority. Coalition government with Sumar, which is an alliance of small left-wing parties, and goes to Parliament for a vote of confidence.

The president of Parliament, Francina Armengol, announced that the sessions that will begin on November 15 in the general assembly to obtain Parliament’s vote of confidence in Sánchez will end with the vote on November 16. In the Spanish parliament, which has 350 members, Sánchez must obtain an absolute majority of 176 to receive a vote of confidence in the first round.

On the other hand, the right-wing Popular Party (PP), which is the first party in parliament with 137 deputies, and the far-right parties Vox, which is the third party with 33 deputies, began the mobilization in the country. against the amnesty that is intended to be imposed on the Catalan separatists.

Finally, the PP, which organized demonstrations in 52 cities on November 12 and brought hundreds of thousands of Spaniards to the squares, demanded early elections, arguing that a possible amnesty would be a blow to Spanish democracy and the rule of law. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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