FBI investigation into New York mayor and Turkevi deepens

FBI investigation into New York mayor and Turkevi deepens

The investigation into New York Mayor Eric Adams remains a hot topic in the American media…

The New York Times, one of the most widely read newspapers in the United States, wrote that the FBI’s investigation into Adams is getting deeper and deeper.

Eric Adams denied the accusations against him.

In the story titled “FBI examining whether Adams crossed red line for Turkish government,” the paper said, “Eric Adams, who won the 2021 Democratic mayoral primary, successfully appealed to city officials to allowed the opening of a skyscraper that “put pressure on me in some way,” he said.

While the cost of the Turkevi was claimed to be $300 million, it was also claimed that the investigation into New York Mayor Adams had deepened.


Three people with knowledge of the matter who spoke to the newspaper said Adams’ meeting with FDNY officials weeks before his election two years ago was under investigation. “Federal authorities are reportedly investigating whether, weeks before Adams was elected two years ago, he pressured New York Fire Department officials to approve the Turkish government’s new consulate in Manhattan despite security concerns about the building,” the report says.

President Erdoğan last visited the Turkish House in September.

In the New York Times news, “Adams, who won the Democratic primary for mayor in July, contacted then-Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro in late summer 2021 and asked the Turkish government to allow him to open the building at least temporarily. “The people in question said that the building has not yet been opened because firefighters have refused to approve its use, citing safety concerns,” the statement added.


The New York Times reported: “Mr. Adams’ intervention allowed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to travel to New York for the UN General Assembly in September 2021 despite numerous failures in the fire safety system, according to people familiar. with the matter and city records. During his visit he paved the way for the inauguration of the 35-story tower valued at $300 million. During the ribbon cutting, Erdoğan said the skyscraper in downtown New York reflects Turkey’s “growing power.”

Erdogan received many high-ranking names in Turkevi. This year, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also met with Erdoğan in Türkevi.

Last week, the FBI was recorded as confiscating Adams’ electronic devices and during the investigation, FBI fire department officials were also asked about Adams’ role in opening the Turkish House.

While he denied the allegations against Adams, he said, “I have nothing to hide.” It was also announced that the FBI seized two cell phones and an iPad from Adams on Friday, copied the information they contained, and then handed them over to him the same day.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was in New York City of the United States (US) as part of the 78th United Nations (UN) General Assembly, met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , in Turkevi in ​​September.

Adams was also reported to have gone to Turkey in 2015 on a trip in which transportation and accommodation were paid for, and a sister city agreement was signed with the Üsküdar municipality there.


It is recalled in the news that the 35-story Turkish House was built at a cost of approximately $300 million: “Municipal records reveal problems experienced months before Erdogan’s visit in 2021, when Turkish government contractors were trying to obtain municipal services. approval to complete and occupy the building. On July 26, 2021, the Fire Department rejected the fire protection plan presented by a Turkish government consultant and requested changes. “On the same dates, after a glass panel on the 17th floor collapsed and fell 10 stories, the Building Department issued a violation decision.”

The New York Times report said: “According to the records, just 10 days before Erdogan presided over the inauguration of the new building, a senior Fire Department official told Sparc Fire Protection Engineering, which is advising on the building project , that the consultant had confirmed that the alarm system complied with the city’s building code.” He stated that he would not object to a temporary certificate of occupancy that would allow use of the building if he did so. But a week later, on September 17, the consultant reported numerous “deficiencies” related to smoke detectors, elevators, fans, doors and other problems. Sparc’s president told the city there would be security guards on “fire watch” at the building until the problems were resolved. The building is still operating under a temporary occupancy permit, records show.

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