Pro-Israel demonstration by French politicians

Pro-Israel demonstration by French politicians

The French government, which does not allow demonstrations for Palestine, organized a demonstration in support of Israel. In France, the country’s main politicians attended the demonstration against “anti-Semitism” held in Paris at the call of the president of the Senate, Gerard Larcher, and the president of the National Assembly, Yael Braun-Pivet.

While former presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande occupied the front rows alongside Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, far-right politician Marine Le Pen also participated in the demonstration despite the reactions. More than 3 thousand police officers served along the route of the demonstration.


Images spread on social networks showed the moment when a person shouting “Free Palestine” was attacked by protesters.

The Palestinian supporter whom the protesters tried to beat was removed from the scene thanks to the intervention of the police.


Members of the leftist Unbreakable France Party (LFI), which has been notable for its support for Palestine since October 7, decided not to participate in the demonstration, stressing that the demonstration, which was held under the name “anti-antisemitism”, at the request of ruling politicians, was “clearly pro-Israel.”

LFI members also harshly criticized far-right Marine Le Pen’s decision to participate in the demonstration.

Following Israel’s attacks on Gaza, the government imposed a total ban on demonstrations of support in Palestine, and this decision was brought to the Council of State as it was considered contrary to freedom of expression.

The Council of State, on the other hand, ruled that demonstrations could not be totally banned and that authorities had to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

The number of people arrested for anti-Semitism has increased in the country since demonstrations in support of Palestine began.

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