Gaza warning from US diplomats to Biden

Gaza warning from US diplomats to Biden

US broadcaster CNN wrote that US diplomats serving in the Middle East secretly warned Joe Biden’s administration that “the US attitude towards Israel’s attacks in Gaza is generating anger in the region.”

According to the diplomatic cable obtained by CNN, US diplomats working in the Middle East reported that the Biden administration’s support for Israel regarding the attacks on Gaza sparked anger among Arab people against the United States.

The telegram sent from the US Embassy in Oman stated that meetings had been held with reliable sources and used the statement “We are losing a lot in the area of ​​messaging.” The telegram noted that US support for Israel was described as “material and moral support for possible war crimes” in the region.

Another telegram sent from the US embassy in Cairo warned that a newspaper published in Egypt had published an article with the title “Biden’s brutality and indifference towards Palestinians exceeded all other US presidents.” .

In Politico news, based on the statement written by diplomats criticizing the Washington administration on November 8 and allegedly leaked from the US State Department, some US diplomats claimed that the government’s pro-Israel policy ” “contributes to the perception that the US is a biased and dishonest country.” The actor “was claimed to have criticized him for”. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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