Surgeries without anesthesia in Gaza… ‘Either they will suffer this pain or they will die’

Surgeries without anesthesia in Gaza… ‘They will suffer this pain or they will die’

A terrible human tragedy is taking place in Gaza, which Israel has been bombing for more than a month and has received almost no help from outside.

Patients are operated without anesthesia with great pain because there are no anesthesia supplies left in the hospitals that are trying to continue their activities in very difficult conditions under the bombing.

Abu Emad Hassanein, a nurse working at Sifa Hospital, said that a girl who had to be operated on without anesthesia was constantly shouting “mom, mom” during the operation, and that this caused them great pain. Hassanein said that seriously injured people are brought to the hospital every minute, but they are out of medicine and medical supplies, adding: “We give them clean cloths to bite on. “We know the pain you are experiencing is unbearable,” she said.

Nemer Abu Tahir, who was wounded in the back in the airstrike, claimed that he was not even given painkillers while his wounds were stitched and that he had to endure the pain by constantly reciting prayers.


Israel, which has been dropping bombs on Gaza for days, is intensively bombing especially the surroundings of the hospitals where thousands of civilians have taken refuge.

The director of Şifa hospital, Muhammed Abu Selmaye, said they often had to treat seriously injured patients in the corridors and there was no more space in the operating rooms, saying: “We are trying to keep them alive without giving them anesthesia.”

Abu Selmaye explained that patients, including small children, had their legs or arms cut off without anesthesia and that they tried to treat severe burns with impossibilities, saying: “Either you will endure this pain or you will die.”

Doctors said that in some hospitals even cesarean deliveries are performed without anesthesia, noting that these put the lives of mothers and babies at risk.

Source: Sozcu


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