Dirty propaganda… Israel attacked Gaza journalists

Dirty propaganda… Israel attacked Gaza journalists

Israel, which has been bombing Gaza for more than a month, has made a controversial claim about the attack carried out by Hamas on October 7.

The non-governmental organization Honest Reporting, based in Jerusalem and New York, stated that it “carries out a mission to combat prejudice against Israel in the field of journalism and the press,” stating that journalists from international media outlets entered Israel with Hamas. militants during the October 7 attacks.

Honest Reporting, which also shared photos from the day of the attack, showed a photo of a Gaza photojournalist with a person purported to be a Hamas leader as proof of its claim.

The pro-Israel organization claimed that independent photojournalists from Gaza working for the Associated Press, CNN International, New York Times and Reuters were also in the field, that they entered Israel with Hamas militants and filmed the events, and that they knew of the Hamas attack plan. beforehand. .

The non-governmental organization named four Gaza photojournalists and included the following statements in its statement:

“It is now clear that Hamas has been planning the October 7 attack on Israel for a long time. Can it be assumed that the journalists showed up at the border early in the morning without prior coordination? Or were they part of the plan?

Honets Reporting also shared a Reuters photograph showing Palestinian militants carrying the body of an Israeli.


The Israeli government also shared the non-governmental organization’s statement with an image on its social media account on Platform October 7.

The international media responded quickly to these accusations from Israel.

The American news agency Associated Press rejected the accusation that the October 7 attacks were known in advance and announced that it used photographs of independent journalists on the ground to follow breaking news around the world.

Reuters also said: “We saw the news about two independent photographers who collaborated with us. “We absolutely reject the accusation that we work with journalists affiliated with Hamas,” he said. The agency stated that the photographs in question were taken about two hours after the attack on Israeli territory.

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