Biden’s son was called to testify… ‘He is using his father’s influence’

Biden’s son was called to testify… ‘He is using his father’s influence’

US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his brother James Biden were subpoenaed to testify before the Oversight and Accountability Committee, especially in relation to accusations that they “exerted political influence on their foreign businesses.”

According to the BBC, James Comer, chairman of the US House of Representatives Oversight and Accountability Committee, said in his statement that members of the Biden family allegedly established more than 20 shell companies during Joe Biden’s vice-presidential term, “to hide the payments received from abroad”. He said “records” were obtained.

Comer noted that Hunter Biden and James Biden, as well as their business partners, were called to the Oversight and Accountability Committee to testify about allegations that they “used Joe Biden’s political influence in their foreign business relationships.”

Stating that the Biden family, partners and companies were alleged to have received more than $24 million from this trade, Comer stated that it was decided that James Biden would testify before the Committee on December 6 and Hunter Biden would testify before the Committee next December . 13.


The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, made assessments on the issue at the press conference. Jean-Pierre argued that this is an investigation that has been going on for a year and “no evidence of abuse of power by President Biden has been found.”

Kevin McCarthy, then speaker of the House of Representatives, claimed on September 12 that Biden abused his office while vice president and that his son Hunter Biden used his father’s position to gain privileges in business relationships.

House Republicans launched an investigation into Biden’s firing, claiming they found evidence that President Biden’s relatives were aware of his domestic and foreign business dealings and played a role in these deals.

At the Oversight Committee’s first impeachment hearing, witnesses and some Republicans said more evidence was needed to determine whether the president had committed a crime. (AA)

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