The Danish royal family was confused: they did not even look at the prince’s face after accusations of forbidden love

The Danish royal family was confused: they did not even look at the prince’s face after accusations of forbidden love

In Denmark, one of the quiet countries in Europe, the royal family is experiencing the biggest crisis in recent years…

The accusation of forbidden love was claimed to be behind the decision by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, who regained the royal titles of her four grandchildren in a surprise decision last year. With the decision, which came into effect on January 1, 2023, the titles of Prince Joachim’s descendants were changed to “count” and “countess.” The queen’s youngest son, Joachim, reacted strongly to this decision and expressed his discontent with the situation.

Photos taken at the event show Mary staying away from the Prince.

At that time, the Spanish media claimed that there was a forbidden love behind the decision that shook the royal family. Prince Joachim supposedly fell in love with his aunt, Princess Mary, and it was claimed that Queen Margaret made this decision for this reason.

The magazine Vanitatis Elconfidencial stated that Prince Joaquín, 53 years old and married, was in love with Princess María, wife of his older brother, Crown Prince Frederick. The report also claims that the Prince, who was drunk at a royal event, attempted to kiss his sister-in-law Mary.

Although this incident caused great repercussions in one of the most peaceful countries in the world, the other day a new “forbidden love scandal” broke out…

Lecturas magazine shared the photo of the Crown Prince of Denmark and the 47-year-old businesswoman taken in Madrid.

It was claimed that Crown Prince Frederick cheated on his wife Princess Mary with a Mexican businesswoman. Lecturas magazine announced that Prince Federico was seen with the Mexican Genoveva Casanova, 47, at an exhibition in Madrid.

Although the parties denied this claim, a notable event took place yesterday in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark… Prince Frederick and Princess Mary appeared before the cameras for the first time after accusations of forbidden love at the invitation they attended King Felipe VI. of Spain and his wife Queen Letizia.

Casanova also participated in the “Masterchef Celebrities” competition broadcast in Spain.

This stance by Princess Mary, who stayed away from her husband throughout the event and did not make any eye contact, led to comments that she did not forgive her husband and that the accusations were true.

The couple was seen in the car leaving the event in Copenhagen. It can be seen that María turned her head and looked outside, while her husband greeted people on the road.

While it was noteworthy that Prince Frederick was seen with Casanova, the ex-girlfriend of the billionaire Duchess of Alba, in Madrid, while the Spanish kings traveled to Denmark, Casanova also spoke for the first time… Casanova denied the accusations of who had a love story with Prince Frederik in harsh and clear language. . Casanova stated that his lawyers took action and would take legal action.

Speaking to British newspaper Daily Mail, body language expert Judi James said: “Princess Mary displayed a tense jaw. She nervously fiddled with her wedding ring during the event. “She had a ‘slightly arrogant’ look when she joined her husband with the Spanish royal couple,” she said.

James also said: “In the past, Princess Mary and Prince Frederick tended to be discreet and playful by nature. But Mary seems disconnected in some photos. “Frederick appears ‘hesitant’ and does not make eye contact as he extends his arm toward his wife.”

It was noted that Princess Mary’s body was facing the opposite side of Prince Frederik, and the prince’s body was facing Mary.

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