The children of Gaza cried out to the world: we want to live

The children of Gaza cried out to the world: we want to live

Israel continues to bomb Gaza, where the death toll is approaching 11,000.

Israeli warplanes continued bombing the area around Shifa Hospital and Nasr Children’s Hospital and some areas of the Gaza Strip throughout the night.

According to the Palestinian news agency WAFA, the Shifa hospital, where thousands of patients and refugees are located, was the target of missiles fired intermittently from Israeli planes. As a result of the attacks in which flares were used simultaneously, shrapnel damaged the surroundings of the hospital.


The Palestinian children addressed the world at the press conference they held yesterday at the Sifa Hospital, which has been in suspense for days. A little boy, who said he spoke on behalf of all Palestinian children, read the text in Arabic and English and said: “Since October 7, we have been subjected to genocide, massacre, displacement and bombs falling on our heads in front of the eyes of the world.”

“We came to Şifa hospital thinking it was a safe place, but they constantly bombard us,” the boy said, adding: “They are lying to the world. They say they are attacking resistance fighters, but we children have escaped death many times. The invaders are starving us. There has been no water or food for days. There isn’t even bread. “We drink dirty water.”

At the end of his speech, the little boy asked the world for help and said: “As children, we ask you to protect us. Stop the deaths. We want to live. “We want peace,” he said.

Source: Sozcu


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