Israel attack on Syria and Lebanon

Israel attack on Syria and Lebanon

In the news of the Syrian news agency SANA, based on a military source, it was stated that some points in southern Syria were attacked by Israeli forces at 22:50 local time.

In the news, “Israel carried out airstrikes against some military points in southern Syria from the direction of the Lebanese region of Baalbek. “There was material damage.” Expressions were used.

Israeli authorities have not yet commented on the attack.

Elements of the Lebanese Hezbollah, as well as the Syrian army and Iranian-backed terrorist groups, are known to be present in the south of the country.

Israel has been carrying out occasional attacks against Iranian-backed groups and military points belonging to the Syrian army in Syria since the civil war began in 2011.


Israel reported that targets in Lebanon were hit by fighter jets in response to rocket attacks.

The Israeli army’s written statement states that among the targets attacked were military structures and points belonging to Hezbollah.

The statement also states that a group in Lebanese territory, near the border, was also attacked.

Since October 8, clashes have occurred between the Israeli army and Hezbollah on the Israeli border in southern Lebanon.

So far, 63 Hezbollah members and 14 civilians, including 1 journalist and 3 children, have been killed in Lebanon during the fighting. On the Israeli side, 4 soldiers and 2 civilians lost their lives.

Additionally, at least 40,000 olive trees were completely burned in Israel’s attack on Lebanon with a white phosphorus bomb. (AA)

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