He gave his boss’s luxury car to his friend and was sued when it crashed.

He gave his boss’s luxury car to his friend and was sued when it crashed.

Allen Sicurella, who lives in London, the capital of England, and works as a driver for millionaire businessman Richard Hanson, is going through the hardest days of his life as a result of a mistake he made…

Sicurella, who was Hanson’s chauffeur for 17 years, lent his boss’ luxury Ferrari car to a friend in 2019. But when his friend was in an accident with a vehicle worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, Sicurella was fired from his job. . The angry businessman also filed a lawsuit against Sicurella.

Although the process began in London, Sicurella is required to pay 380 thousand pounds sterling (approximately 13 million Turkish liras) for the damages suffered by the Ferrari 458 Speciale model. Sources who spoke to British newspaper The Sun said: “This is literally like a fight between David and Goliath. The driver not only lost his job but also faces a very serious penalty. “He could lose everything,” he said.

Sicurella’s attorney claimed that the incident was an accident and that the accident was unintentional, and that his client was innocent. His attorney said allegations that Sicurella was driving the car during the incident and gave it to his friend did not reflect the truth.

British media reported that the case was continuing.

Source: Sozcu


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