Police found a child in a secret compartment of the house.

Horrible incident: Police found child hiding in secret compartment

In the incident that occurred on Thursday, November 2, US police discovered a child detained in a hidden compartment behind the dressing room.

The boy, who survived the incident unharmed, was placed under protection. Jon Thompson, 40, of Tontitown, Arkansas, was arrested the next day in the matter and faces several charges.

The small compartment where the child hides…

Detective Keith Lindley said in a statement: “The child was very excited and very scared when he came out. “He had ordered her not to make any sound or reveal that she was there.” saying.


Thompson currently faces charges of interference with custody, first-degree false imprisonment, endangering the welfare of a minor and possession of body armor and drug paraphernalia, according to The Washington County Jail Intake.

Jon Thompson…

The man claimed the judge gave him custody of the child, but he refused to open the front door and told police the five-year-old was not home. Thompson eventually admitted the boy was in the house and led police to the closet, where officers said they heard voices approaching.

At the time of his arrest, Thompson was out on bond on unrelated charges in Benton County.

Thompson’s next court date is scheduled for December 4.

Source: Sozcu


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