Women give birth on the streets of Gaza

Women give birth on the streets of Gaza

Women give birth on the streets of Gaza

The report published by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) states that women had to give birth on the streets and in their homes because hospitals and health institutions were out of use as a result of the attacks. Israelis in Gaza.

In the report published by UNICEF, “Bombing, damaged or non-functioning health facilities, mass displacement, collapse of water and electricity supplies and restricted access to food and medicine seriously disrupt maternal and newborn health services.” and childish. It is estimated that there are 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza and more than 180 give birth each day. “Of those, 15 percent are likely to experience complications related to pregnancy or childbirth and need additional medical care,” she said.

UNICEF noted that some women had to give birth in shelters, at home or on the streets, saying: “These women cannot access the emergency obstetric services they need to give birth safely and care for their newborn babies.” born. Due to the closure of 14 hospitals and 45 primary health centers, some women are forced to give birth in shelters, at home, on the streets among piles of rubble, or in health centers where health services are deteriorating and They are at risk of infections and medical complications. increases. “Healthcare facilities are also under fire; on November 1, Al Hilo Hospital, a major maternity hospital, was bombed,” she said.

UNICEF reiterated its call for a humanitarian ceasefire, saying: “An urgent humanitarian ceasefire needs to be implemented to alleviate suffering and prevent a terrible situation from turning into a disaster. “All parties to the conflict must fulfill their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure, including healthcare,” he said. (DHA)

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