The debate on the “ceasefire in Gaza” in the British opposition

The debate on the “ceasefire in Gaza” in the British opposition

The debate on the “ceasefire in Gaza” in the British opposition

Imran Hussain, a member of the main opposition Labor Party in England, resigned from his position as shadow minister responsible for the New Deal for Workers over statements by party leader Keir Starmer on the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts and his rhetoric. against the ceasefire in Gaza. .

In his resignation letter addressed to Starmer, which he shared on his X account, Hussain claimed that he had been working in different shadow ministries of the party for almost 8 years.

Stating that he will continue to support the Labor Party to improve workers’ rights if it comes to power in the future, Hussain said: “However, recent weeks have revealed that my perspective on the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza is quite different because of the attitude you adopt.”

Noting that more than 10,000 Palestinians and 1,400 Israelis were killed in the last month, Hussain noted that these numbers will rise further as the blockade and indiscriminate attacks on Gaza continue.

Describing what happened in Gaza as “beyond a humanitarian disaster,” Hussain emphasized that cutting off access to water, food, energy and medicine to the region is collective punishment and a violation of international law and the Convention. of Geneva.

Recalling Starmer’s radio show in which he gave Israel the right to cut off access to water, food and energy to Gaza, Hussain said: “While we both want to stop the bloodshed, I think the party should go further and call for a ceasefire.” (BRITISH AUTOMOBILE CLUB)

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