A notable step towards Ukraine’s accession to the EU

A notable step towards Ukraine’s accession to the EU

A notable step towards Ukraine’s accession to the EU

The European Commission will recommend on Wednesday that the European Union (EU) bloc begin membership talks with kyiv if it meets the necessary conditions, more than 20 months after Russia invaded Ukraine.

As two EU officials gave the briefing, a senior government official said Ukraine expects the European Commission to make a “positive” assessment of its membership bid.

At a time when Ukrainian troops are tired of war and there are concerns about the future of American military aid, this advice from the European Commission is a long-awaited reward for Kiev.

The report to be published by the Commission, in which Ukraine will be assessed against seven conditions, will be decisive in the decision EU leaders make at the December summit on whether to start official accession negotiations with Kiev.

Both EU officials stated that the recommendation would mean starting official talks with kyiv and said they could start official talks with EU candidates Ukraine and Moldova next year.

The commission’s report, which is expected to take its final form before publication, will also include assessments of other countries that want to become candidates.

The bloc is reluctant to accept a country at war as a member, as formal talks take years for candidates to meet comprehensive legal and economic criteria to join the bloc.

Source: Sozcu


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