Iron Dome Crisis in Israel… Rockets Hit Settlements

Iron Dome Crisis in Israel… Rockets Hit Settlements

Iron Dome Crisis in Israel… Rockets Hit Settlements

Israel, which last night launched one of the most intense bombardments on Gaza since the start of the war, is once again on alert due to problems in the Iron Dome air defense system.

Israeli Television Channel 13 published images showing that the Iron Dome system was ineffective in southern Tel Aviv.

According to the images, one of the rockets fired from Gaza made a U-turn and crashed into a Jewish settlement in the Rishon LeZion region of Israel. It was observed that the system managed to block some rockets launched towards Tel Aviv.

Israeli media reported that the Iron Dome system was no longer effective enough on the Gaza border and could not block many rockets.

Israel evacuated thousands of people living in settlements near the border due to rockets fired from Gaza.

Discussions about the malfunctioning of the Iron Dome, once of great importance to Israel’s security, gained momentum especially after the attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7.

Operations by Israeli troops entering Gaza by land continue.


The Israeli army, which has been bombing Gaza for days, reported that it attacked 450 places in the blockaded city from the air in the last 24 hours.

Israel, which intensified its attacks on Gaza, which it launched on October 7, despite calls for a ceasefire from the international community, stated that among the places attacked were targets such as tunnels and observation points, which supposedly belong to the military wing of Hamas. , the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

The statement also claimed that ground troops captured a military compound belonging to the Qassam Brigades in Gaza.

The Palestinian government in Gaza reported that the surroundings of all hospitals in the region were subjected to intense Israeli bombardment.

Communications and Internet access, which were cut off last night in the Gaza Strip, were reported to have gradually begun to be restored. (AGENCIES)

Source: Sozcu


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