Israel warns its citizens abroad

Israel warns its citizens abroad

Israel warns its citizens abroad: don’t show it openly

According to the statement by the Israeli Prime Minister’s National Security Center and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was stated that “violence against Israelis and Jews and anti-Semitism have increased around the world” due to the attacks on Gaza, and He called on Israelis to increase their precautions during their travels.


The statement called to verify whether there were protests and violent demonstrations against Israel in the selected destination, even in countries without travel warnings, and emphasized that “these events took place in many countries around the world, including countries without travel warnings.”

The statement recommended staying away from demonstrations and protests, being alert and paying attention to what is happening around you, and asked Israelis to avoid openly displaying Israeli and Jewish symbols.


“The National Security Center calls for a review of the obligation to travel abroad these days,” the statement said, and recommends postponing trips to countries with travel warnings, especially Arab countries, the Middle East, the North Caucasus and the neighbor countries. Iran. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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