EU takes steps to send migrants quickly

EU takes steps to send migrants quickly

EU takes steps to send migrants quickly

Ylva Johansson, member of the EU Commission responsible for Home Affairs, held a press conference after the meeting of interior ministers.

Johansson said that as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict continues, the ministers discussed the issue of keeping the EU away from the danger of terrorism due to the attacks in Arras, France, and Brussels, Belgium.

Johansson stressed that it is important to return third-country nationals who do not have the legal right to remain in the EU and said: “The attack in Brussels was a wake-up call. The attacker came from Tunisia 12 years ago and was able to live here even though his asylum application was rejected many times. “This is not the time to blame anyone, but we should see it as a wake-up call for all of us and work much harder on this.” he said.

Johansson stated that the directive that regulates repatriations dates back to 2008 and that work will begin shortly to review it.


Responding to a question about the recent increase in internal border controls by countries such as Italy, Slovenia and Germany, Johansson said: “We have a lot of problems in the Schengen area. Internal border controls are one of them.” saying.

“We should avoid them.” Johansson stated that his team has prepared a report on this issue and will make recommendations to member countries shortly.

Johansson noted that Turkey and Bulgaria cooperate very well in the EU’s fight against irregular migration. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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