Dangerous tension between Israel and Hezbollah

Dangerous tension between Israel and Hezbollah

Dangerous tension between Israel and Hezbollah

Hezbollah’s written statement notes that in the afternoon members of the organization carried out a direct attack with appropriate weapons against Israeli army positions in Jal El-Alam, El-Bahri and Zerit, the Shumira barracks and a tower. surveillance in Habd el-Bustan.

The statement states that the positions were precisely attacked and some of the technical equipment was destroyed.

In the statement shared on the website of Al Mayadeen TV, known for its closeness to Hezbollah, it was stated that a rocket and light weapons attack was carried out on the Al-Malikiyye military point on the border with Israel.

The official Lebanese NNA news agency reported that a missile attack had been carried out against the Israeli settlement of Manara.

News reported that Israel responded by attacking the area around the Lebanese town of Mays al-Jabel with artillery fire.


The Israeli army statement noted that an attack was carried out against the Manara settlement and the security fence on the border with 2 anti-tank missiles from Lebanon.

Although the attack was responded to with artillery fire, it was announced that there were no deaths or injuries.

On the other hand, the Qassam Brigades in Lebanon, in a statement, claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks on the Israeli side.

The statement states that 30 rockets were launched from southern Lebanon towards the western Galilee, especially towards Nehariya and Shelumi in northern Israel.

The Israeli military had previously stated that some points were attacked in response to rockets and fire launched from the Lebanese border region.

In the clashes between Hezbollah and the Israeli army that began on October 8, 12 Hezbollah members and 2 Israeli soldiers have been killed so far.

Three civilians, including a journalist, lost their lives in border clashes in Lebanon and one person in Israel. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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