The UN calls for a “State of Palestine”

The UN calls for a “State of Palestine”

UN: No solution is possible without the establishment of an independent Palestinian state

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Guterres spoke at the press conference in Cairo with Egyptian Foreign Minister Samih Shukri.

Guterres, who began his speech by thanking Minister Shukri for his warm welcome and vital work, said he was in the Middle East on a humanitarian mission in this crisis.

Guterres claimed that the crisis was triggered by attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7, which injured and killed many Israelis and kidnapped civilians.

Stating that this situation led to Israel’s total siege of Gaza and brutal bombings against civilians, Guterres emphasized that the majority of those who lost their lives were women and children.

“I would like to reaffirm that international humanitarian law must be respected,” Guterres said. Protecting civilians is also a necessity. “Any attack on a hospital, school or UN facility is prohibited and contrary to international law.” he said.

Calling for urgent humanitarian action, Guterres said:

“In the face of this humanitarian catastrophe, I call for two urgent humanitarian actions: that Hamas immediately and unconditionally release the hostages, and that Israel immediately allow humanitarian aid to meet the most basic needs of the people of Gaza. “I say it clearly: the Palestinian people have legitimate and deep grievances after 56 years of occupation.”

ceasefire call

Guterres affirmed that no action can justify terrorism and emphasized that Hamas’ attacks on Israel cannot justify collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

Calling on both sides for a ceasefire, Guterres recalled that the people of Gaza have not had access to basic needs such as food, water and medicine for approximately two weeks.

Guterres emphasized that diseases are spreading in the region due to a lack of basic needs and said: “People are dying. I am horrified by these images and civilians in Gaza need basic services and supplies. “To do this, we need rapid and unimpeded access to humanitarian aid.” he said.

Guterres said delivering aid to the people of Gaza requires constant effort, adding: “Simply put, officials must be able to get aid to the people and distribute it safely.” saying.

Guterres stated that he came to Egypt to continue preparations to deliver aid to the region, saying: “In this effort to save lives, El-Arish International Airport and the Rafah Border Gate are not only critically important, but also our only hope.” he said.

Expressing the need for a permanent solution, Guterres said: “No solution is possible without the establishment of an independent Palestinian State alongside Israel, under a guarantee of mutual security, in line with international decisions and agreements reached between the two parties.” . he said. (AA)

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