Confusing accusation of FBI espionage

Confusing accusation of FBI espionage

Confusing accusation of FBI espionage

Following the US Department of Justice’s statement yesterday that “North Korea made agreements with US companies to work remotely and sent IT workers to other parts of the world, they used false identities to get these jobs “, the FBI went to St. Petersburg today. He held a news conference on the issue in St. Louis.

FBI officials said these individuals transferred the money they earned to North Korea’s weapons program and said $1.5 million and 17 domain names were seized as part of the ongoing investigation.

Stating that any company that employs freelance IT staff is “more likely” to hire one of these people, officials warned companies that employ remote workers to take extra precautions during the hiring process.

Court documents within the scope of the investigation filed on the matter claim that the North Korean government sent thousands of skilled IT workers “mainly to China and Russia to live in order to deceive companies in the United States and other countries.” countries to hire them remotely as freelancers. .” (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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