US Hezbollah warning to Israel: do not start a new war

US Hezbollah warning to Israel: do not start a new war

US Hezbollah warning to Israel: do not start a new war

While Israel’s tension with Hezbollah on the northern Lebanese border, which dropped bombs on Gaza, raised concerns about a “new front in the war,” one notable analysis of Hezbollah came from the Israeli press.

The Israeli press wrote that the US administration, which has recently increased its support for Israel, is pressuring Israel not to start a war with Hezbollah in Lebanon.


The Times of Israel, in its report based on two anonymous officials, stated that the White House is making efforts to prevent the war from spreading beyond the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Officials who spoke to the newspaper said the United States had publicly and privately warned Hezbollah and Iran not to start a war on Israel’s northern front. According to officials, the United States also warned Israel to be careful in responding to Hezbollah attacks, noting that a mistake by the Israeli military in Lebanon could lead to a much larger war.

The news noted that White House officials recently conveyed the message to the Tel Aviv administration that the US military will support the Israeli army if Hezbollah starts a war against Israel.

However, also included in the news was US President Joe Biden’s statement to journalists on the plane after his visit to Tel Aviv yesterday, stating that “it was never said that the US military would participate in the event of a front opening with Hezbollah.”


While Israel continues its attacks on the blockaded Gaza Strip since October 7, tension is also rising on the Lebanese border. In the clashes that began between the Israeli army and Hezbollah on the Lebanese border on October 8, 12 members of Hezbollah, 2 members of Islamic Jihad, 1 journalist and 2 civilians lost their lives.

2 Israeli soldiers and 1 Israeli civilian were killed in the attacks carried out by Lebanon. The Hezbollah organization in Lebanon announced that two more members were killed in yesterday’s clashes. (AA)

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