Those who lived through the hospital massacre told everything: there were body parts everywhere

Those who lived through the hospital massacre told everything: there were body parts everywhere

Those who lived through the hospital massacre told everything: there were body parts everywhere

Survivors of last night’s attack on Al-Ehli Baptist Hospital spoke of their experiences… Speaking to the British news agency Reuters, doctors at the hospital explained the devastating effect of the attack.

Speaking to Reuters, Fadıl Naim, an orthopedic surgeon at Al-Ehli Baptist Hospital, said: “When I heard a big explosion, I had just finished a surgery and people were screaming. People entered the operating room and screamed for help. There were many dead and injured people inside the hospital. “There were amputated limbs of people inside the hospital and many injured,” he said.

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Naim said: “We tried to keep alive the wounded we were able to save, but the number of wounded was too high for the hospital staff.” Dr. Ibrahim El-Naka, who works at the hospital that has been in operation for more than 100 years and covers everyone in times of crisis and war, said: “This has been a safe zone for children and women for years. This was a safe haven for those fleeing Israeli attacks. They arrived at the hospital without prior notice. “I don’t know what they hit them with, but in the end it pierced the children’s bodies,” he said.

Dr Hassan Abusittah said: “The hospital was shaken by shelling all day. When I looked out the window after hearing a huge explosion, there were lifeless bodies and limbs everywhere. “I tried to treat an injured person whose legs were shattered,” he said. Abusittah said: “The medical system in Gaza has collapsed. “Doctors are exhausted and the number of injured and sick is increasing,” he said.


Palestinians who survived Israel’s attack on Al-Ehli Baptist Hospital in the blockaded Gaza Strip said “people were burned” in the incident.

In the air attack carried out last night by Israel against the El-Ehli Baptist hospital in Gaza, which has been bombing the region for days, at least 500 Palestinians, in addition to the patients, lost their lives among those who took refuge in the hospital and its surroundings. , thinking that it was a “safe zone.”

Kerim al-Baltacı, 20, one of the injured survivors of the attack, stated in his statement that he and his family had to leave the Er-Rimal district and go to El-Ehli Baptist Hospital after the severe airstrikes of Israel that destroyed all the neighborhoods for days.

Regarding what he experienced last night, he said: “We were in the hospital courtyard, we saw balloons fall from the sky and then missiles fall. There was a fire, people were burning. “Trees were burning and falling on people,” he said.

Baltacı claimed that he lost consciousness after the wound he received and opened his eyes in the hospital.

The Palestinian youth emphasized that there is no safe place in Gaza due to Israel’s constant attacks on everything.


Azzam Hamdan, 71, from Palestine, said: “What happened to us, all the massacres; “An act of barbarism that surpasses Nazism.” he expressed in his words.

Hamdan, who was injured after last night’s attack and is currently receiving treatment, expressed the shock he experienced at the time of the attack: “We were sitting safe. Suddenly a missile hit us. I got hurt and couldn’t see anything. My wife lost consciousness and I couldn’t help her. “People were cut into pieces, corpses burned,” he said.


Muhammed Hamdan, who was wounded in the attack, said they did not expect an attack in the area because it was a hospital.

Hamdan said: “This is the first time it has happened to us. “Yesterday, for the first time since the beginning of the war, families, people, babies, old people and small children completely disappeared,” he said.

Noting that he was hit by two pieces of shrapnel, one of which hit him in the neck, Hamdan said he also saw a girl with a glass falling on her head.

Hamdan said: “Children who were playing in the garden and with toys jumped in the air and fell. I picked them up with my own hands and took them out. “I picked them up and took them out.” he said.


A Palestinian doctor stated that Al-Ehli Bapsit Hospital cares for patients and carries a message of peace for humanity.

The Palestinian doctor noted that this place was a refuge for thousands of people fleeing bombing during Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip, and that it hosted approximately 3,000 people who came to the region seeking safe haven, and said : “Unfortunately, the treacherous hands crossed all boundaries and logic and attacked innocents, children and women.” “He took it,” he said.

Noting that the hospital has been serving the public for years and that “no one is wanted” in the facility, the Palestinian doctor said: “All free and sensitive people in the world must oppose this crime. Let him see these children and women who are the target. This is a message that must be announced to the world. This message must reach all sensitive people. Let them come forward and express their opinion about this place where the massacre took place yesterday. “That massacre caused the reaction of the world and of all free and sensitive people,” he said.

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