UN declaration on white phosphorus

UN declaration on white phosphorus

UN declaration on white phosphorus

UN spokesman Stéphane Dujarric made a statement to journalists during the daily press conference.

Dujarric stated that he had information about published reports of Israel’s use of white phosphorus in Gaza and Lebanon, but that they did not have the opportunity for “independent confirmation.”


Noting that confirmation and investigation in the conflict zone are not easy, Dujarric said he will provide information when the reports in question are confirmed.

Dujarric stated that the UN is examining the reports in question and said: “The Secretary-General is deeply concerned by reports of the use of white phosphorus, which caused extensive harm to civilians. “The Secretary-General calls on the parties to the conflict to comply with the rules of international humanitarian law that prohibit certain war practices.” he said.

Dujarric also said Gutteres called for moving the conflict away from urban areas.


The determination that Israel used white phosphorus in Gaza and Lebanon sparked reactions from the international community.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) stated that Israel used white phosphorus in its military operations in Gaza and Lebanon.

In a statement from HRW, “Israel has used white phosphorus in its military operations in Gaza and Lebanon, putting civilians at risk of serious and long-term injuries.” The statement was included.

The statement notes that white phosphorus causes unbearable burns and fires and emphasizes that the use of white phosphorus in densely populated areas is illegal.

Amnesty International also confirmed that Israeli military units attacking Gaza were equipped with white phosphorus artillery shells, saying: “White phosphorus causes horrific suffering and life-changing injuries and cannot be extinguished with water. “That is why white phosphorus should never be used in civilian areas.” He had warned.

Photographs taken by an AA photojournalist were among evidence documented by Amnesty International that the Israeli military used white phosphorus artillery shells in densely populated civilian areas of Gaza. (AA)

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