Hospitals in Gaza ‘collapse’

Hospitals in Gaza ‘collapse’

Hospitals in Gaza ‘collapse’

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza announced that hospitals had entered a “true state of collapse” due to the power outage.

Health Ministry spokesperson Eşref al-Kudra made a statement on the Ministry’s Facebook account.

Kudra claimed that hospitals in Gaza were in a true state of collapse due to the power outage and said:

“We appeal to all gas station owners and anyone with a liter of diesel to immediately contact the Ministry of Health to save the lives of the injured and sick.”

Mahmud Hammad, director general of Administrative Affairs of the Ministry of Health, also spoke about the “disaster” in the hospitals.

In his statement published on the Ministry’s website, Hammad said: “The depletion of medicines, medical supplies and fuel is a harbinger of a humanitarian disaster, endangering patients in intensive care, incubators and critical departments and exposing them. to an inevitable death.” He stated:

Noting that the ministry’s medicine warehouses were “empty,” Hammad called on donor institutions and Arab and Islamic countries to support the health sector in Gaza to ensure the continuity of health services.

Hasan Abu Sittah, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in England but who works at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, where thousands of people died due to the conflicts between Israel and Hamas, made a statement to the BBC about the latest situation in the region.

Sittah claimed that approximately 40 percent of the injured brought to the hospital were children and said: “All of them have blast injuries… There are terrible injuries caused by shrapnel fragments, burns and falling pieces of wall, and they are carrying out the people from under the rubble of their houses.”


Regarding what he saw in Gaza, Sittah said: “There are no surviving families of injured children,” adding: “Every day we come across cases where the only survivor in the family is said to be a child.”

British doctor Hasan Abu Sittah said of what happened in the region on his social media account: “There is no place in this universe more lonely than around the bed of an injured child who has no family left to care for him.”

Sittah said that last Sunday he treated a five-year-old girl with burns and another four-year-old girl with facial burns and head trauma, and said: “They were the only ones who were taken alive from the family home.”

Sittah stated that after the clashes, he suddenly found himself operating on the son of a doctor at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, and that the doctor was killed along with his other son.

Gaza authorities said at least 3,000 people, a quarter of whom were children, have been killed and approximately 12,000 injured so far due to the conflict.


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said a humanitarian ceasefire is urgently needed to reach children in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

A statement on the issue was posted on UNICEF MENA’s X social media platform.

The statement called the situation for children in the Gaza Strip a “catastrophe” and made the following statements:

“UNICEF is responding to the critical needs of children in the Gaza Strip, but access is increasingly difficult and dangerous. “We need an urgent humanitarian ceasefire to reach the children.”

Photos: Anadolu Agency (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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