Israel: We have crushed more than 50 attack attempts

Israel: We have crushed more than 50 attack attempts

According to news from the Israel Public Broadcasting Organization KAN, Defense Minister Gallant met with journalists after his two-day visit to Azerbaijan.

Describing his visit to Baku as an important step in discussing various factors that will improve relations between the two countries, Gallant said he focused on Iran as the “main issue” in his contacts.

Noting that he had important meetings with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov, Gallant said they discussed cooperation in the fields of security, intelligence and industry.


In his speech, Gallant stated that Iran has attempted many attacks against Israeli targets in recent years, pointing to Iran and saying, “Thanks to our security system and our close cooperation with many countries, more than 50 attempted terrorist attacks have been crushed in recent years. Most of these hacking attempts reached the final stage and were blocked at the last minute.” he used his statements.

Gallant also referred to the situation in the city of Jenin, located in the northern occupied West Bank, where Israeli forces attacked for two days last week. “We found an increase in the effectiveness and range of weapons in Jenin; this is a result of funding provided by Iran. Now the Palestinian Authority has the opportunity to do what is expected of it.” he said.

Israel accuses the Palestinian Authority of not maintaining security control in Jenin. The Palestinian Authority, for its part, claims that Israel’s ongoing attacks on Jenin and the city’s refugee camp complicate the situation.


12 Palestinians, including 4 children, were killed in the 48-hour siege, air and ground attacks organized by the Israeli army on the Jenin refugee camp on July 3. Israel’s attacks severely damaged the infrastructure of the Jenin refugee camp.

There was a reaction against the Palestinian administration headed by Mahmoud Abbas, due to the ineffectiveness of the armed resistance groups and some sectors of the region’s population in the face of the Israeli attacks.

Source: Sozcu


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