Warning to US Libyan parties

Warning to US Libyan parties

In the statement made on the Twitter account of the US Embassy in Tripoli, he expressed his concern about the travel ban and the arbitrary detentions of some members of the Supreme Council of the Libyan State.

The statement warned against actions that would increase tension in the country and create an obstacle to the realization of the demands of the Libyan people.

Libyan Supreme State Council Chairman Khalid al-Mishri called on chief prosecutor Es-Siddiq al-Sur to take immediate action regarding the seizure of the Council members’ passports and their travel ban.

In the statement of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), it was indicated that the number of people who were banned from traveling was at least 5, but their identities were not disclosed. UNSMIL said there were reports that former Finance Minister Farac Bumatari was among those detained in the capital Tripoli.

Libyan media reports claim that the arrests were carried out by the internal security forces of the Government of National Unity headed by Abdulhamid ed-Dibeybe. (AA)

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