Scholz: We will continue to support Ukraine

Scholz: We will continue to support Ukraine

German Chancellor Scholz made remarks at a joint press conference in Berlin with Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo.

“We agree that we will continue to provide comprehensive support to Ukraine for as long as it is needed. This applies both to the war period and to the reconstruction period after the end of the war.” saying.

Stating that they discussed with Orpo how the European Union (EU) can and should be prepared for the accession of new states, Scholz said:

“Because we want the countries of the Western Balkans, Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to follow the path of the EU and we support them in this regard. In my speech in Prague last summer, I made it clear what kind of work we as the EU need to do to achieve this. Because the EU can only fulfill its duty as a geopolitical union if it is in a good position.”


Underlining that the EU’s decision-making processes need to be speeded up for this, Scholz said that this issue will also be discussed at the informal European Council to be held in Spain in early October.

Underlining that they can cooperate even more closely with Finland in climate-neutral energy production in the future, Scholz said: “The Baltic region and the Baltic Sea can become a corridor for hydrogen.” he performed the assessment of it.

Asked whether the far-right populist Alternative Party for Germany (AfD) could come to power in Germany in the future, Scholz said: “I am sure that the AfD will not be very successful in Germany, and the vast majority of the members of our country the citizens support other parties that are in democratic competition. I think it is something that can be counted on for a long time,” he used the phrase.

The German chancellor noted that there is an expectation in Turkey that parliament will approve Sweden’s NATO membership, possibly after the summer break, saying: “I think (President Erdogan’s words) will also be reflected in practice.” . This is something we also want quickly. Sweden will fit very well into NATO, which will greatly increase our shared security.” he said.


Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo also said that he will continue to support Ukraine as long as it is needed.

Recalling that his country decided to apply for NATO membership together with Sweden, Orpo said:

“Our membership is not complete until Sweden joins. That is why it was great news for us to hear before the Vilnius summit that Turkish President Erdogan is ready to promote Sweden’s membership. Like the Chancellor, I believe that what is said will become true. Just yesterday, I spoke to the Swedish Prime Minister and he thinks everything will be fine. The only thing I can recommend to Stockholm; keep working There is no reason for Sweden to stay out of NATO”.

Orpo, rejecting accusations that there are racist parties in his country, said: “The Finnish government stands for liberal democratic values. We reject racism. There is no racist party in government.” he used the phrase. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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