Zelensky: Today is the day of very good news for Ukraine

Zelensky: Today is the day of very good news for Ukraine

In his video message, Ukrainian President Zelenskiy stated that allied countries will send tanks to Ukraine. Reminding that the war against Russia continues in his country, Zelenskiy noted that Ukraine needs more weapons to win the war.

Expressing his satisfaction with the US decision to deliver Abrams tanks and other armored vehicles and Leopard 2 tanks from Germany to Ukraine, Zelenskiy said he is grateful to US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.


Assessing the Allies’ decisions to provide tank assistance to Ukraine, Zelenskiy said: “Today is a very good news day for Ukraine. There is a coalition of tanks”. he used the phrase.

Emphasizing that the process of sending tanks to Ukraine should be speeded up, Zelenskiy said they are making efforts to create a strong tank unit.

Stating that they also need long-range missiles, artillery systems and combat aircraft to end the war in a short time, Zelenskiy said: “The more defensive support our heroes at the front receive from the world, the sooner Russia’s aggression will end. ” he said. (AA)

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Source: Sozcu


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