Sweden: We are committed to the triple memorandum with Turkey

Sweden: We are committed to the triple memorandum with Turkey

Jonson gave a presentation at the European Parliament Subcommittee on Security and Defense on Sweden’s priorities in the EU presidency.

Answering only questions from Swedish journalists after the meeting, Jonson, when asked about his country’s NATO application, said: “We continue to comply with the tripartite agreement between Turkey, Sweden and Finland. We focus on implementing it. Our military agreements with NATO continue. I had a meeting with Hulusi Akar, the Minister of National Defense of Turkey, about this, but it was cancelled. We hope to return to the talks as before, ”he said.

Defending that they are committed to the Triple Memorandum between Turkey, Sweden and Finland and that they have made progress in this regard, Jonson said: “We want to be a member of NATO and we believe that we will be.” he said.

During his presentation to the committee, Jonson said that 60 percent of the public and 88 percent of MPs, according to the parliamentary lineup in September, supported membership, in response to a question from an MP about public support. to NATO membership in Sweden. .

Minister Johnson stated that they believe their membership will strengthen the alliance and that it will be an element of stability not only for NATO but also for Europe and the European Union.

On his country’s military support for Ukraine and whether it will send Leopard tanks like Germany, Jonson said: “Sweden has no plans to send these tanks to Ukraine. There is currently no preparation for a tank donation from Sweden, but that is not unlikely at a later stage.” he performed the assessment of it. (AA)

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