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On the eastern bank of the Dnepr River, the Russian army is entrenched to prevent a Ukrainian advance towards the Crimea. “They’re coming,” BNR foreign commentator Bernard Hammelburg says of the Ukrainian military. Not much is happening at the moment. On the eastern front, however, they “fight” each other.

Ukrainian forces fire rockets at Russian positions near Bahmut. (ANP / AFP / Anatoly Stepanov)

The foreign ministers of the NATO countries have now met in Romania. “They’re meeting to change strategy,” says Hammelburg. The foreign affairs commentator thinks one of the items on the table will be Boeing’s plan. That he has devised a plan to supply cheap missiles, of which he apparently has many, with a simple firing mechanism and thus “supply hundreds or thousands of additional missiles.”

Long range missiles

The piquant thing about this story is that the range of those missiles is very large, they can hit targets as far away as Russia. Previously, the Americans did not want to do this in order to prevent Russia itself from being attacked with NATO weapons, and according to Hammelburg, such a decision would be a huge shock.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is working hard to restore its electricity supply. According to Europe reporter Gert Jan Hahn, tests are now underway with electricity imported from Europe. Shortly after the February invasion, Ukraine was connected to the European electricity grid and sold cheap energy to the West. That situation has now been reversed, Ukraine now imports electricity.

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Author: Mark VanHarreveld
Source: BNR


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