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The three-day state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife to the United States begins today. It is Macron’s first official visit to the United States since US President Joe Biden took office. Whether he can avoid the looming trade war between Europe and the United States remains to be seen. “People in France are sceptical,” says historian and university lecturer France Niek Pas of the UvA.

French President Macron is visiting US President Biden. The main talking point is a possible trade war between the EU and the US. (ANP / SIPA Press France)

“Macron’s goal is to smooth out the kinks and reconcile American leadership with the European partnership,” says Pas. “He will try to put European interests in the American spotlight.” And this is urgently needed because Europe and the United States are heading at high speed towards a full-blown trade war when the Inflation Reduction Act takes effect on January 1st.

EU member states not only find the law protectionist, but also fear that essential industries, attracted by generous US subsidies, will leave Europe for the US. And with that, Europe’s economic potential will be greatly reduced. Is Macron able to avoid that trade war? According to Pas, little is expected in France; Although Macron travels accompanied by a large ministerial delegation, he does not have a crowbar with him.

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And while it’s not strictly Macron’s role to defend EU interests everywhere, Pas calls him “an important interlocutor” for Americans. ‘He is also one of the prominent European leaders, which of course will play a role. Macron, on the other hand, likes to wear this coat”.

Pas seems certain that Sino-American and Sino-European relations will be discussed. “This is definitely on the agenda. It’s also an extension of the idea of ​​American leadership and European partnership, which will bring Biden’s attention; America should not ignore Europe on the China dossier’.

Author: Mark VanHarreveld
Source: BNR


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