Column: Is the oath of allegiance just an empty, performative ritual?

Marissa Barnwell didn't show enough respect for the oath of allegiance. And for that she was punished. She quietly walked down the hallway of...

Editorial: Labor unions in LA are major political influencers. Why should they not be considered lobbyists?

When is a paid lawyer a lobbyist? And, more importantly, when and how much information should paid advocates disclose about their lobbying efforts? For...

Opinion: Reality deniers like Kari Lake fit right into Arizona’s history of wishful thinking

Kari Lake doesn't give up. Even as she prepares to launch a campaign for U.S. Senator, and more than two months after her...

Opinion: Do you offer a resume, cover letter and access to your brain? The scary race to read employees’ minds

Modern workers are increasingly finding that companies are no longer satisfied with thinking about their resumes, cover letters and job performance. More and...

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