Letters to the Editor: What California Doesn’t Need: Another Special Election

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What California Doesn’t Need: Another Special Election

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April 30, 2023

About the publisher: I would point out to law professor Zachary Clopton and civil rights attorney Steve Art that every special election in California costs us millions of dollars. (“How should Dianne Feinstein’s seat be filled if she steps down? The Constitution provides a clear answer,” Opinion, April 27)

To have someone like sen. Naming Dianne Feinstein on an interim basis, should she step down, until the next election in 2024 is a much more sensible way to handle the issue. I say this as a voter who is under constant pressure to donate to campaigns all year, every year.

CW Tennis, Los Angeles


About the publisher: Clopton and Art try to justify the temporary occupation of Feinstein’s seat through a special election rather than a gubernatorial nomination if she steps down. Let “the people directly elect their US Senators,” they write.

I am someone who


Stop trusting “the people” to make decisions about who should represent the citizens of California. Nationally, a third of “the people” support former President Trump despite his track record of lies and alleged crimes.

And can you imagine the ad campaigns that would take place between the candidates? The aspirant with the slickest publicity can be chosen.

I think Governor Gavin Newsom has done a credible job in leading this state, and I am confident that he will make the right call for California when it comes to filling a vacant Senate seat.

Steven Schilling, Sierra Madre

Source: LA Times


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