German fans clashed with police.

German fans clashed with police.

In Italy, German fans clashed with security forces in Naples

According to the Italian press, German fans who came to Naples for the Napoli-Union Berlin match in Group C of the UEFA Champions League and Italian security forces clashed last night in different parts of the city.

Some German fanatics knocked down rubbish bins in important parts of the city centre, such as Corso Umberto and Piazza Dante, and damaged vehicles and shop windows in the surrounding area. The Italian security forces intervened against the fans of the German team.

The fanatics lit the torches they brought with them and threw small stun grenades.

Some fans and police officers were reported to have been slightly injured and 11 German fans were detained.

On the other hand, it was stated that Union Berlin fans continued to flock to the city for the match and Italian security forces increased measures to prevent incidents during match time.

Last season, in March, before and after the match between Napoli and German Eintracht Frankfurt in the last 16 rounds of the UEFA Champions League, the city once again became a war zone due to riots caused by German fans in Naples.

At 18:45 (20:45 CEST) the match between Napoli and Union Berlin, belonging to group C of the UEFA Champions League, will begin. Napoli won the match between the two teams in Germany 1-0. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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